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The title cut “Destiny” from the album was inspired by a poem that her mother had written while attending college. Kari used the first 4 lines and then added her own words, the final line being her mother's, in what she calls a “cosmic collaboration". It's a song with a universal message - about questioning our own fate, what it's all about, and the yearning for immortality. It's an album of "strong melodic ideas" with "rich vocal layering". Paul Speer's haunting guitar riffs, divinely complement every song. 


After a 25 year hiatus, Kari has returned to her creative expression. "Music is what feelings sound like". Her hope is that others enjoy and find comfort in her creations.


Kari Sandvik - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards

Producer Paul Speer - Electric Guitar

David Lanz - Keyboards

Neil Speer - Drums

Janet Foos - Hammond Organ

Jim Cliff - Bass

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