A native of Seattle, songwriting started at age 7 for Kari when her mother passed away. She immersed herself in the guitar and piano with writing as a form of "self-comfort". Also, at that time she found solace in the music of Joni Mitchell.  In 1979 she attended Central Washington University as a music major where she acquired a love of vocal arrangement. She also performed as lead singer in a top 40 band called Opus with fellow students Kevin Jones, Steve Smith (Seattle Drum School), Jon Alberts, Phil Patterson, and Paul Gabrielson. Kari's most rewarding association has been with Producer/Musician Paul Speer, whom she met in 1979. The album “Destiny” which is comprised of her own original songs, was recorded and produced by Paul Speer in 1994. The album was never released until May of 2016. Paul not only produced but also performs electric guitar on the album along with David Lanz, who appears courtesy of Narada. She is honored to have two Grammy nominees on the album.


Other collaborations 

Paul Speer - Collection 99: Music + Art

Paul Speer - Natural States CD, VHS

David Lanz and Paul Speer - Bridge of Dreams

David Lanz - Skyline Firedance 

Kevin Jones - Hester Street

The unseen goal 
Of every soul
But why do we hesitate
When we hear the toll
Of the bell of fate I wait
For a shadow or a dream
Only time will tell
Of our lives as we gave of ourselves
Some small piece of our soul 
To the stars and the ones we love
Running and turning around in the race
Only to fine it's half over 
Yearning and seeking an infinite place in the
Heart of another 
Mold me in your smile
Remember in your midnight dreams 
And sing me for awhile
Wrap me in your memories, cry me in your tears
To brighten all uncertainty, to take away your fears
And render me immortal


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